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Are you leaking energy?

Do you feel lethargic and exhausted? Are you leaking energy on things that don't matter?

Do you ever find yourself unusually exhausted or lethargic?
Are you aware of where in your Life you might be leaking energy?



Let’s think of energy like a bank account.

There are people, places, things, foods, experiences that give you energy (money in the bank), and those that take your energy (spending until you’re overdrawn).

When you are around toxic people who don’t lift you up, encourage you, or give you Life, then it’s likely they’re sucking you dry.

In a very short time you’ll find yourself feeling lethargic, exhausted, apathetic, maybe even depressed, and lacking pleasure in Life and food.

You’ve overdrawn your energy bank account and the fees are piling up.

How do go from overdrawn to a millionaire in the
Bank of Energy?

First, you must become aware of the people, places, things, foods, and experiences that are not energy-giving.

Awareness is a key factor in all matters of growth.

Once you’re aware of what’s not Life-giving, you can then replace them with things that are.

For every Life-giving person, place, thing, food, or experience you encounter, you add money to your energy account.

In time, you will have stores of natural energy in abundance!

You’ll find yourself quitting coffee and energy drinks because you just.won’t.need.them.

It’s that simple, in theory.

The execution can sometimes be difficult or complicated.

But that’s why Rita and Mackenzie are here, to help you make these tricky transitions.

To help you heal and transform.

If you’re finding yourself lethargic, apathetic, or lacking pleasure, you will definitely benefit from your work with one of your Food Heals practitioners.

Email us at to begin your Journey!




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