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I don’t need to be perfect to be lovable

I am lovable as I am

Can you think back to a time when you felt like you needed to succeed, go above and beyond, or look a certain way to be lovable or accepted?


This is a subconscious belief system, often rooted in childhood.

Know that it is not your fault that you believe this about yourself.

This toxic belief has been inherited from the world. It gets passed from one generation to the next in the subtle ways you are spoken to or treated.

And the person(s) who gave you the impression that you need to be perfect to be lovable also inherited the same toxic belief from the world they live(d) in.

Carrying around an extra 20 pounds does not make you less than.

Neither does making mistakes.

The only perfection in the world is in Nature.



Toxic beliefs are just that – toxic.

They are often rooted in the subconscious, but impact just about every aspect of life. Everything from what we say to how we behave, the foods we eat and how we eat them.

You may be feeling shocked, offended, or an otherwise uncomfortable emotion after reading this post. If so, it’s possible that you are living with this toxic belief.

Reforming toxic beliefs into healthy beliefs is possible. Working directly with a trained professional with experience in this area is highly recommended.

At Food Heals, we are trained to recognize toxic beliefs. We can help you to heal by reframing your thoughts about Self and others.

You don’t need to be afraid of this process. It is quite liberating!


If you’d like to further explore this, or other, toxic beliefs, please reach out at

Interested in hearing us speak publicly on this topic? Reserve our time, or check our events calendar to see when we will be speaking in your area.


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