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It’s time to let go …

It's time to let go of who you were and step into who you are

Are you still holding on to a part of you that may no longer be serving you and your current life? How can you let that past part of yourself go?



It’s easy to forget that growth and change happens even when we are not aware.

We get caught up in the day-to-day. Work, the mundane everyday tasks, maybe you’re a parent so your attention is always flowing outward and not often inward.

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

So, if you’re not aware of all the changes that have been trying to break through the fog, you will inevitably find yourself clinging to what you’ve always known.

That person you once were, but may no longer be. Or maybe it’s no longer who you want to be.

Today is the day.

Today you look inward and you make a conscious choice to let go of who you once were. You make a choice to elevate, to step into who you are today, or into the possibility of who you can become with a little bit of TLC.


We, at Food Heals, have years of experience working with clients just like you.

Our specialized and unique training in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition gives us the edge over other Wellness Coaches because we look at our clients as whole beings to understand their challenges. We draw from the psychological, physical, and spiritual realms to help people begin their healing Journey.

If you are feeling intrigued, want to know more, or if any of this frightens you, we encourage you to ask us your questions.


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