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Life is like dancing

 Can you remember a time when you had a breakthrough in Life, maybe a new perspective, new job, or body transformation? And were there people who shunned you because of your successes?

Life is like dancing.

Sometimes, the people you least expect to join you on the dance floor are the ones you have a blast with all night long.

Other times, it’s those you came with, the ones you expected to show up for you, who abandoned you while your light was shining.

Life is changing all the time.

We have good moments, successes, growth, opportunities, moments we can truly feel happy about.

We also have times when we are in our shadow, feel stagnant, unsure of ourselves, or as if we are skydiving towards rock bottom.

What has your dance of Life been like lately?

Are you changing your rhythm with the music?


At Food Heals, Mackenzie and Rita are uniquely trained to uncover those rhythm changes in Life that are throwing you for a loop. Our differing backgrounds and Life experiences have given us an understanding of how to help others heal.

If you’re experiencing changes, feeling stuck, or want to have more breakthroughs in your Life, reach out to us at and schedule your discovery call.

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