Meet your Coaches!

Not all Coaches are created equally. Many people call themselves a Coach simply because they have some Life experiences they feel qualify them to help others.

At Food Heals, we have very unique and specific training by the best in the industry. We’ve gone through a combined 500 hours of intensive education from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Additionally, we have diverse careers and lifestyles that we bring into our practice.

When searching for a Coach, it’s important to feel a connection. You’re looking for someone who makes you feel safe. Someone who makes you feel like you’re sitting with your best friend.

It is our hope that you can feel that way with one or both of us. We strive to give our clients the best experience while they heal and transform.

It is our honor to serve you in your growth experience!

Certified in Eating Psychology

Certified in Eating Psychology with over 250 hours of intensive training and education
With over 250 hours each of intensive education and training, we are the leading experts in Eating Psychology in the NC Triangle

Rita Haddad, MA, CLEPC

Meet Rita Haddad, MA, CLEPC

Welcome! I’m Rita Haddad, your Coach on this Journey to healing your relationship with Food and Body.

My training in Eating Psychology is with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Coupled with over 25 years of experience as a healer and a teacher, and an extensive career in Behavioral Sciences, I have a deep and wide understanding of Human behavior.

To simplify, I totally get why we do the things that we do!

As your Coach, I will partner with you to identify and understand the things that are making you sick.

They may be unwanted eating behaviors that are creating stress, or inexplicable symptoms or pain.

Regardless, it’s my goal to help you to heal by aiming for your highest goals.

If you’d like to learn more, you can reach me at or

Mackenzie Smith, DC, EPC

Meet Mackenzie Smith, DC, EPC

Dr. Mackenzie Smith is a chiropractor in Raleigh NC. She grew up in the Finger Lakes region in Western NY. She was exposed to eating challenges at a very young age when a best friend was hospitalized with complications from an eating disorder. She went on to experience challenges of her own as well as observe many other friends develop unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies. Mackenzie is extremely passionate about empowering and bringing awareness to people’s relationships with both food and body image, so they can live their lives to its fullest potential.

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