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Pleasure is about trusting yourself

Trust yourself to feel more pleasureCan you remember a time when you told yourself that if you could just push through the challenge you would reward yourself at the end? And did you? Did you find pleasure in your reward?

I can wager a guess that you were too exhausted to enjoy the promised reward.

Maybe you were feeling some lingering stress or anxiety from the challenging time.

Or maybe you jumped straight from one stressful task to the next, without ever giving yourself the reward you coveted.

Whatever the case, if you’re not trusting in your body’s wisdom there’s a greater chance that you will not experience pleasure throughout your Life.

This includes finding pleasure in food. Sharing a meal. Enjoying a deliciously prepared feast.

How boring.

When you can begin to trust yourself, you become more aware of the signals your body is sending you. You can, in turn, respond to those signals before they become signs of distress.

Signs of distress include over eating, binge eating, emotional eating, unpleasured eating, restrictive dieting, fat shaming, body hate, weight hate, sickness, dis-ease, fatigue, and so much more.

Are you ready to begin your healing Journey?

Do you want to feel pleasure and joy again?

Have you missed the feeling of lightness in your Life?

It’s never too late.


At Food Heals, we are uniquely trained in Eating Psychology. We have a deep and wide understanding of the Human psyche and how our personal psychology has a giant impact on how, when, and why we eat. We specialize in all forms of Nourishment.

See how we differ from other Coaches in our approach, and contact us to begin your transformative Journey today.

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