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Pleasure regulates appetite

Pleasure = happy appetite

How often do you find yourself reaching for food or snacks when you’re not hungry? Do you consider yourself to have a poor appetite?



I have news for you, there is no such thing as poor appetite.

It’s true.

The problem is not your appetite.

The problem is that you’re lacking pleasure – in Life and in food.


When you are able to find Joy in the mundane, it spills over into other areas of your Life.

When you discover Joy in your Life, it spills over into your relationship with food.

And it’s when you have a good relationship with food that your appetite will be naturally regulated.


What I’m saying is, you’ll feel hungry only when your body
desires food, fuel, and nutrition.

Not when you’re stressed, bored, angry, or otherwise emotional.


If you desire to find pleasure in the Life you already have, the key is to have Awareness.

Awareness of what your body is asking for, of what it needs from you.

I can tell you that no magic formula of protein + carbs + fiber will ever = regulated appetite if you’re not truly experiencing pleasure in your Life.


At Food Heals, we are uniquely trained in Eating Psychology, the intersection where Psychology meets Nutrition.

Our goal is to help our clients heal their relationships with food and body.

If you’d like to experience more pleasurable eating, a regulated appetite, and a shedding of the shackles of unwanted eating challenges, email us at

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