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The Journey is part of the Healing

The Journey itself is a significant part of all healing

Can you remember a time when you were just itching to lose those extra 15 pounds? Or when you couldn’t wait to fit into those skinny jeans again?



Have you ever thought to consider the road you must take to get to that final destination?

What is it that makes a Journey, anyway?

A Journey is the act of traveling from one place to another.

Traveling can refer to your state of Mind, your state of Being.

Who are you when you’re 15 pounds heavier? Who do you need to be to become 15 pounds lighter?

What was the state of your relationship with your Body when you rocked those skinny jeans? What needs to change to bring you back into that state of being, so that you can rock them once again?

If you are looking to heal, in any way, you must embrace the Journey.

It’s time to stop desiring and start welcoming all of the baby steps you need to take in your Journey toward healing.

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